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 Same-Sex / Gay Marriage

Same Sex Gay Marriage
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‘Breathtakingly good; I've circulated it to my national contacts’ - Daniel Avila, Esq. (architect of the Massachusetts marriage amendment)
Assoc. Dir. of Policy & Research, Massachusetts
Catholic Conference

'All I can say is "wow." I'll be honest here. I have no idea who you are -- but maybe I do. Your intellect amazes me. Your arguments would have convinced me.' –
Stephen Bennett,
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What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Where’s the Diversity?

Same-sex unions introduce all-male-white-dominated public institutions.

Homosexuality is Gender-Exclusive

Heterosexuality is Gender-Inclusive

'Gay' Folks are Casualties of Homosexuality

• Homosexuality segregates men and women into same-sex groups

• Lesbians categorically exclude men, in the name of 'love' (i.e. discrimination)

• 'Gay' men categorically exclude women, in the name of 'love' (discrimination)

• Homosexual 'love' is intolerant to equality and diversity of the sexes

• 'Gay' men use women as 2nd-class, artificial sperm incubators for childbirth

• Homosexuality automatically excludes children in the name of 'love'

• Homosexual 'love' automatically excludes a child's mother or father

• The Constitution requires sex equality (e.g. man + woman heterosexuality)

• Nature maintains 50/50 equality of men and women on the planet

• One man + one woman is uniquely inclusive diversity & equality orientation

Most gay folks don't feel hate towards the opposite sex. However, when it comes to 'love', homosexuality causes an otherwise loving person to always exclude diversity and equality of the sexes simply because the other person is different (i.e. complementary!). This is why people call homosexuality a perversion. Jesus required diversity and equality of the sexes in marriage in Matthew 19:4-6 and Luke 10, etc. Gay marriage is same-sex oriented, the opposite of heterosexual diversity orientation: one man, one woman. In fact, gays claim to have a genetic (preconceived), unchangeable (intolerant), sexual preference for their own sex (narrow-minded) above the diversity of the complementary sex. However, if each of us don't love gay folks, etc., and others who are different than ourselves than we are no better. We need to lovingly help LGBT folks, ourselves, and anyone else to be more diversity oriented.

Sexual preference is no better than racial preference, e.g. a white person always preferring whites above blacks in the name of 'love'. Since when is anti-diversity a form of diversity?! Since when is discriminatory segregation a form of equality?!

Calling gender-exclusive or racially-exclusive anti-diversity a form of 'diversity' and 'love' that 'isn't hurting anybody', is at minimum a perversion of the English language and of common sense and logic, is a bad role-model to children, and would legally open the doors to all kinds of 'legalized' discrimination.

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Homosexuality is unconstitutional anti-diversity and anti-equality.

In contrast, the US Constitution requires gender equality under law. Heterosexuality (one man + one woman), the basic building block of society, is sex equality and diversity orientation.

Hypocritically, gay activists demand equality for themselves in the public schools, etc., yet they are intolerant of equality and diversity of the sexes in their own unions! Homosexual equality, i.e. equality for sexual preference, is an oxymoron just like equality for same-race orientation (racial preference) is an oxymoron.

Homosexuality Excludes Someone, Simply Because They are Different

dis·crim·i·nate: To set apart as being different; to separate from another by discerning differences; - Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary

dis·crim·i·nate: show preference [i.e. orientation] on the basis of sex, race, etc., not by individual merit.

sex·ism: discriminatory behavior towards members of the opposite sex - WordNet®

prej·u·dice:  preconceived preference [or orientation] or favoritism...

big·ot: One who is strongly partial to one's own group [i.e. sex], religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ. - The American Heritage® Dictionary

Homosexuality makes one strongly partial to one's own sex and intolerant of those who differ (when it comes to 'love'). Thus, homosexuality is divisive gender bigotry, gender-bias, gender phobia, or sexism in the name of 'love'.

Gay Folks are Casualties of Homosexuality

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Consider the following comparisons and analogies:

Sexism: "Our same-sex / male dominated public institution is doing just fine without women in the board room. Women can have managerial and other second-class positions or they can segregate into their own same-sex institutions and treat men as second-class."

Sexism: "Our same-sex / male dominated public marriage institution is doing just fine without a woman in a leadership role. Our children are doing just fine without their mother's direct influence. Men can perfectly replace women and we can use women as second-class artificial, sperm incubators or nannies to serve our needs (while our unproductive union of men collects the tax benefits) or they can segregate into their own same-sex institutions and treat men as second-class."

Sexism: "I am a male bisexual. I was forced by the government to abandon half of my sexual identity and choose to be either homosexual or heterosexual. I chose my same-sex, gender-exclusive orientation. If our all-male-dominated same-sex union wants a child, we contract a woman as a second-class womb-donor or nanny to serve us, then our unproductive same-sex union collects the marriage tax benefits while the woman who bore our child gets nothing but what we give her. This is what we call equality... Equality for sex-segregated all-male-dominated public civil-marriage."

If Gender Equality is not Good Enough for Gays, Then Why Should They Demand Equality from Others?

If you ignore and gloss over an important step like this in logical thought process, you pervert the true logical outcome. This is sleight-of-hand, and the result of people forming their logic around a desired outcome, instead of using natural and universal truths.

The purpose of this website is to provide real arguments and tools that transcend distorted liberal religious and secular arguments so that you can be helpful in your efforts to influence gay and straight people for truth by using the true language of equality and diversity. However, we need to realize that all people have undesirable intolerant, anti-diversity, racist and sexist preferences that are no worse in their bias than homosexuality is. Gay people are not an enemy. They are victims of homosexuality.

However, if genetic alcoholics can abstain from alcohol, like anyone, GLBT folks can abstain from acting upon their sexist, gender intolerant orientation.

The sexes are complementary & Dependant by Nature

Men and women are complementary by natural design, being uniquely qualified since the beginning of time, in every way psychologically, spiritually and biologically to be synergistically united together in love. Both sexes are required equally in order to create a complete family. This is true from any scientific, religious or evolutionary perspective. However, nature never gave any qualifications or significant purpose to same-sex.

It has been reported that animals exhibit homosexual tendencies. However, animals also exhibit racist tendencies. Thus, this does not justify human replication of animal behavior. In fact, it is unnatural and counter-productive.

Are we letting our compassion for the homosexual's predicament cloud our judgment and make us completely lose our sensibility?

Same-Sex Orientation Treats the Opposite Sex as Second-Class

Any woman that bears a child for a male-dominated same-sex union, be it from gay or bisexual origins, is legally not treated as worthy of the privilege of equal treatment within the all-male leadership. This cannot be compared with an adoption that was an unplanned tragedy. By preconception she would be relegated to a second-class womb-donor or nanny to serve the needs of the men. Her leadership position is replaced by an unqualified man who had no productive part in the child. In fact, this other male partner unfairly gets all of the tax-payer funded marriage benefits at the expense of the woman. Similar favoritism is found in female dominated same-sex unions which degrade men. The family, the basic building block of society, becomes an icon of legalized sexism. Is this what some folks in our 'intelligent' and 'enlightened' society are calling equality?

This is part of what people are repulsed by intuitively in gay marriage, but find it difficult to clearly articulate in a loving way. The repulsion and anger is what gay people incorrectly call homophobia or hatred. However, the repulsion of homosexuality cannot justify an unloving attitude towards our gay brothers and sisters.

A Bisexual's Same-Sex Union Cannot Provide Equal Treatment of Genders

We already have 100% gender equality and diversity in traditional marriage, why would we want to purposely eliminate diversity in certain cases because of [genetic] gender bias... under the guise of diversity? The same-sex campaign of smoke and mirrors needs to be exposed publicly.

Two genders follow the rules of binary logic which only allows gender equality one way and only one way: one man + one woman... The perfect and oldest equal-rights institution in history!

Any way you look at it, the examples above demonstrate the illogic of the liberal 'enlightened' mind. Their outcome-based logic is full of ever-changing logical bases and holes that any true logical person can fill-in with truth in order to invalidate the perverted outcome.

Heterosexuality is a Preference Inclusive of Gender Diversity

Heterosexuality (man + woman) always rejects same-sex anti-diversity. In contrast to same-sex unions, the diversity of one man and one woman in marriage guarantees that both genders have equal opportunity, equal dignity and shared authority, in different synergistic roles, in the leadership of the family and awards both genders equally and fairly with civil-marriage tax benefits. This is what the US constitution means by equal treatment. In contrast, same-sex guarantees unequal segregated male domination and female domination.

The marriage of one man + one woman is the oldest civil-rights institution in history. Anything else causes discrimination.

We need to publicly promote the language of equality and diversity in the correct way before we lose its meaning completely! Read on to discover more arguments that you can use to turn the smoke-and-mirrors of same-sex marriage on its head.

Same-Sex 'Equality' is an Oxymoron

Homosexuality is [genetic] anti-diversity, by definition. Same (i.e. homo) is the opposite of diverse. Homosexuality is really nothing more than diversity-intolerance. In fact, same-sex unions open the door to taxpayer funded all-white-male-dominated institutions containing both zero racial diversity and zero gender diversity. In contrast, interracial marriage create more diversity. Why do we want to go backwards and create less diversity?

Since there is zero gender diversity in a same-sex union, same-sex unions also contain zero gender equality. Without diversity, there can be no equality. As a result, genders are sex-segregated into unconstitutional male and female dominated institutions. "Separate is seldom, if ever, equal". In contrast, one man & one woman is the result of a unique preference for gender diversity and equality: heterosexuality (perfectly mirroring the equal treatment requirements of the US Constitution).

Homosexuality is Unconstitutional Gender-Bias

Each gender-dominant family/tribe treats the complementary gender as subservient and second-class. In fact, gay men often have girl friends on the side, but these women are never allowed the privilege of an exclusive union with either of the men. This is similar to blacks serving as companions for rich white folks, but never with full equality. Thus, even though gay folks, bisexuals, court justices and supporters of gay marriage legislation may be nice people, they unknowingly prefer unconstitutional gender discrimination when they prefer same-sex unions.

Anyone preferring same-sex unions, from bisexual or homosexual origin, is preferring that women or men be sex-segregated into separate institutions even though complementary genders are uniquely and fully qualified by design to be partners in marriage.

Ironically the 50th anniversary of Brown v Board of Education was being celebrated, as the end of race-segregation, on the same day as sex-segregation was being implemented in Massachusetts by way of same-sex marriage!

In contrast, our constitution codifies a requirement for equal treatment and diversity of genders, not same-gender. This means that the Massachusetts SJC recently wrote unconstitutional discrimination into law. It is obvious that there is no "rational basis" for government endorsement or funding of same-sex unions of any kind.

White-Male-Dominated Government Funded Institutions

By codified preconception, our laws and taxes will now support male-dominated same-sex families which automatically treat irreplaceable women as second-class or subservient womb-donors, concubines or nannies (and vice-versa). In fact, the vast majority of same-sex unions are white-male-dominated. Thus, our government is now promoting all-white-male-dominated institutions with benefits funded by your tax dollars.

In same-sex unions, the unique contribution, complementary synergy and beautiful balance of the opposite sex is discarded. Sexual relations are degraded to a purely recreational, unnatural function of mutual-masturbation or sodomy (combining feces / human waste and genitalia). Is this love? Is this equality? Are we expected to feel warm and fuzzy about feces and sodomy and sexism in same-sex 'romance'?

However, most gays did not choose to feel homosexual feelings. They are victims of homosexuality, but they can choose how to react to it. We need to lovingly help the homosexual to acknowledge and deal with the sexist bias introduced into their lives by homosexuality.

If genetic obese folks can abstain from overindulgence, gay folks can abstain from acting upon sexist preference.

Same-Race Preconceived Preference = Racism

Same-Sex Preconceived Preference = Sexism

dis·crim·i·nate: show preference (bias) on the basis of class (sex, race…), not by individual merit.

prej·u·dice:  preconceived preference or orientation or favoritism...

Racism: “I’m white and oriented to whites above blacks”

Sexism: “I’m male and oriented to men above women”

Why is Same-Sexism Taught in Schools?

Why not promote same-race preference (racism) as a form of diversity in schools as a viable alternative lifestyle for kids, since we now promote same-sex preference? This is a good question or legal challenge to bring before your school boards and legislators.

Same-Sex Contains No State Interest

Same-sex unions should be treated as single-parent families. There is no "state interest" or productive outcome from same-sex unions except by the misuse of the opposite gender as a second-class womb/sperm donor. Same-sex•ism is not a good example of equality to children and is not worthy of government funding. This cannot be compared to the tragedy of an infertile diverse-gender couple. In the corporate realm, our government would not allow government funding to a company partnerships who declares a preference for same-sex male-dominated or same-race (racism) white-dominated, etc., leadership.

Why should the family, the basic institution of society be an icon of tax-payer funded sexism?

These are fundamental same-sex marriage arguments and questions and answers that you are encouraged to use in discussions, debates and news conferences! The intention here is to provide arguments in the language of equality and diversity to help open the eyes of society and our gay brothers and sisters and to expose how homosexuality harms gay folks and all of society.


Start a discussion and then ask the following questions:

A: Is diversity good? yes/no (hint: yes)

B: Is zero diversity bad? yes/no (hint: yes)

C: How much gender diversity is in same-sex? zero/100% (hint: ZERO)

Conclusion - same-sex unions have zero gender diversity and thus zero gender equality. Why then are same-sex unions and homosexuality being promoted under the guise of diversity and equality? Doesn't this mean that the Massachusetts SJC redefined diversity to now include diverse forms of anti-diversity (sexism)? Isn't this equivalent to changing the laws to support racism as though that is a new form of diversity? Let's look at what zero diversity really means.

Racism: "We're doing just fine without blacks in our company’s all-white leadership"

Sexism: "We're doing just fine without a woman in our gay family’s all-male leadership"

Sexism: "Our children are doing just fine without a mom in our gay family’s all-male leadership"

This is called sexism and sex-segregation is the dividing of men and women into different clans or groups. Gay folks may not realize that homosexuality is sex-discrimination. In reality, homosexuality is a preference for ZERO gender diversity and thus ZERO gender equality.

The Basic Function of Homosexuality is Simple: to Eliminate Gender Equality

If Genetic Alcoholics Can Avoid Drink, Gays Can Avoid Acting Upon Sexist Orientation

Our constitution has a codified bias for equal treatment of classes (genders, race, etc.)

We the people should adopt the same bias as the constitution. How can we do this?...

A. Heterosexuality is a bias for 100% class diversity and thus 100% equality.

B. Homosexuality is a bias for Zero gender diversity and thus Zero equality.

In order to mirror the constitution, considering there are only two genders, a preference for gender diversity means only one thing: one man, one woman. This is consistent with the law of binary logic. Anything else, like bi-sexuality, requires promiscuity by definition (i.e. sex with men and women equally) and is thus inconsistent with marriage or is discrimination by diluting the 100% equal treatment of genders of heterosexuality.

Homosexuality causes gay men to prefer the most privileged people in their lives to be only of their “own kind”, separating women as second class. “Separate is seldom, if ever, equal”. Children and society see, by role model, that women have no equality within a typical all-white-male-dominated family leadership (and vice-versa). Children are denied the unique qualities and intimate contribution a mom provides. And with all-female-dominated same-sex unions, children are denied a full-time dad. Men are second-class sperm-donors and mannies.

Why Should the Family, the Building Block of Society, Become Codified into Law as a Same-Sex Icon of Inequality and Legalized Sexism?

Is our compassion for gay folks predicament clouding our judgment and making us totally lose our sensibility?

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